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Yoga: The settling of the activity of the mind

The main textbook of Yoga, the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, begins by defining Yoga. The second verse of the text explains: "yogash chitta-vritti-nirodhah", which means Yoga is the complete setting of the activity of the mind.

In the Bhagavad Gita, another basic text of Yoga, the secret to all success in life is given in the words: "nistrai gunyo bhava Arjuna", which means be without the three gunas, O Arjuna. Arjuna, the hero of the story, is adviced to be without the three gunas in order to gain Enlightenment — the ability to always spontaneously think and act in an evolutionary way for everyone and everything, and the ability to fulfill his intentions without facing obstacles, while always established in unconditional, eternal contentment. In the Vedic tradition, which is the origin of Yoga, the three gunas are the three fundamental principles of intelligence — the three most fundamental laws of nature that are known to administer the entire universe. Therefore, being without the three gunas means going beyond the material world, beyond the manifest universe, or, in other words, settling down the avtivity of the mind, but, of course, remaining awake.

And what do we experience when the activity (the content, the thoughts) of the mind settles down, but we remain awake? Then the mind has a chance to experience its own nature. When the mind is no longer distracted by thoughts or experiences, when it is not required to experience something external (as it always is, except in the case of sleep), when the mind has gone beyond the three gunas, beyond the material world, in this way, then the mind, having been left without any object of experience, has the opportunity to experience itself — one experiences the true Self, which is the subject matter of Yoga, and the entire Vedic Literature. This is Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's interpretation of these two and other verses, which has been absolutely central in the revival of the correct understanding of Yoga and meditation, so that Yoga and meditation can really produce what they were intended to: Enlightenment — unbounded bliss — for everyone, in an easy way.

Transcendental Meditation: The first step to the fulfillment of Yoga

As we see from this chart, during Transcendental Meditation, the activity of the mind becomes finer and finer — one experiences finer levels of thought, finer levels of reality, until one transcends thought altogether and experiences the source of thought, which the Self of the practitioner. Having freed itself from all distractions, all objects of experience, the mind has the opportunity to experience its own nature. Not being restricted by any object of experience, not being restricted by any limitation, the

mind experiences the full nature of existence — pure existence, pure Being, pure consciousness. This is the state which is defined as Yoga in the texts of Yoga. This is the complete settling of the activity of the mind that the Yoga Sutras refer to, and this is the state beyond the three gunas that Bhagavad Gita describes as the secret to all success.

In Transcendental Meditation, the mind easily and effortlessly attains this state, enlivening the full value of life, and this explains its remarkable benefits in all areas of life, verified by hundreds of scientific studies.

The result is total brain functioning. The entire brain becomes lively and functions in an integrated way during the expeirence of the full value of life. One enlives one's full potential.

Yogic Flying: Living Yoga in Daily Life

What would happen if the state of being beyond the three gunas, the state of pure existence, could be maintained outside of the practice of Transcendental Meditation?

All areas of life would dramatically improve. In fact, this is what happens through Transcendental Meditation. Health, relationships, intelligence, moral maturity — everything in life improves as one's mind and body contact the full value of life.

This is exactly why Bhagavad Gita expresses the ultimate formula for action in the words: "Yogasthah kuru karmani", which Maharishi translates as "established in Yoga, perform action". Established in the state of pure existence, perform action. This is the formula prescribed by the literature of Yoga for all success in life, and even Enlightenment: the ultimate level of personal development, in which every desire is automatically fulfilled, while every desire is automatically evolutionary for oneself and everyone else, and while one enjoys permanent unbounded bliss, stemming from the experience of pure existence, the full value of life.

The TM-Sidhi program, including Yogic Flying, allows the full infusion of Yoga into the nature of the mind to happen much faster, by powerfully accelerating the benefits of Transcendental Meditation.

Yogic Flying: Thinking and acting from the level of Yoga

The TM-Sidhi program integrates the experience of Yoga with activity, in the most powerful way, by allowing the individual to think and act from the level of Yoga — the level of the ultimate reality of life.

This results in the full use of one's brain, especially when the body lifts up in Yogic Flying, as scientific research shows.

The Brain During Yogic Flying Entire contents copyright © 2016 Global Country of World Peace (Ministry of Defense) Almost all pictures of Yogic Flying on this website were taken from Dr. Craig Pearson’s The Complete Book of Yogic Flying. Legal - Yogic Flying® program

By allowing the mind and body to function at their full potential, Yogic Flying accelerates the benefits of Transcendental Meditation in all areas of life, and at the same time develops Enlightenment — Higher States of Consciousness, bringing fulfillment to the teaching of Yoga.

Yogic Flying develops total brain functioning and produces dramatic benefits for all areas of life of the individual, and for the environment as well.

Such results have not been seen in science with any other method. Yogic Flying has been shown to unfold Yoga in the life of people in an unprecedented, unimaginable way, never seen before in modern history.

Shiva Samhita on Yogic Flying

Yogic Flying is the completely authentic, completely simple, easy, and effortless ancient technique to live Yoga in daily life.

Shiva Samhita, one of the ancient texts of Yoga, has to say the following about Yogic Flying:

"When the Yogi, though remaining in the lotus position, can rise up in the air and leave the ground, then know that he has gained Vayu Siddhi [success over air], which destroys the darkness of the world." (Chapter 3, verse 42.)

This is the effect of the blissful lift-off in Yogic Flying described in the authenticity of the ancient literature of Yoga, and available in its full purity and effectiveness today thanks to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who revived it and trained teachers to teach it in its full purity to anyone who desires to learn it.

Its effects of destroying the darkness of the world have been widely documented by scientific studies.

Through Yogic Flying, now everyone has a means to enliven Yoga, the ultimate reality of life, which brings unbounded bliss and all good to life — for oneself, and for the whole world.

Benefits for the Individual Benefits for Society What is Enlightenment? Benefits for the Individual Benefits for Society Personal Experience on day of learning TM

"Without knowing what to expect, I began to drift down into deeper and deeper levels of relaxation, as if I were sinking into my chair. Then for some time, perhaps a minute or a few minutes, I experienced a silent, inner state of no thoughts, just pure awareness and nothing else; then again I became aware of my surroundings. It left me with a deep sense of ease, inner renewal and happiness."

Maharishi on the origin of thought

“It needed a scientific age for the world to appreciate the significance of the philosophy of Yoga and its practical application in creating integrated individuals, integrated nations, and an integrated world family.

“Yoga means union, the union of the individual awareness with the unified field of all the laws of nature in the state of transcendental consciousness. Yogic Flying demonstrates the ability of the individual to enlven the total potential of natural law in all its expressions — mind, body, behavior, and environment, ‘Yogic Flying’ presents in miniature the flight of galaxies in space, all unified in perfect order by Natural Law.

“The mind-body coordination displayed by Yogic Flying shows that consciousness and its expression — the physiology — are in perfect balance. Scientific research has found that maximum coherence in human brain functioning gives rise to Yogic Flying. As the coherently functioning human brain is the unit of world peace, Yogic Flying is the mechanics to make world peace a reality, and thereby bring world health, world happiness, world prosperity, a world free from suffering — Heaven on Earth in this generation.”

“The significance of the philosophy of Yoga” Maharishi

“If the full value of the brain is utilized, then the cosmic potential of the individual is utilized. This is the turning point of the human race the destiny of the human race now.”

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