The Human Brain

Before research on TM and Yogic Flying was published, it was believed that measures such as intelligence and psychological maturity could not change after adolescence.

These measures are now known to be significantly improved — transformed — through Yogic Flying. This is the first time in the history of the world when anyone can so powerfully improve one's intelligence: one can take advantage of one's full brain potential, and be able to accomplish more, gain more success, and enjoy greater happiness and fulfillment.

In this way Yogic Flying has opened the door to unprecedented levels of human development.

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"Working in a fast-paced corporate environment leaves little time for rest and can be exhausting. The Transcendental Meditation technique gives my mind the chance to rejuvenate itself so my activity can be efficient, productive, and fulfilling.

“I derive even more benefit from Yogic Flying. Yogic Flying cultivates an even greater quality of successful action — being able to act from a level where my mind is most silent and expanded and my brain is most coherent. This technique is natural and simple and yet the results are noticeable and cumulative. Being able to recharge on a daily basis and improve my efficiency in action gives me a competitive edge in the workforce and allows me to stay focused on my goals at hand."

Heather Hartnett, Marketing Manager, DigitalGlob, Boston, Massachusetts TM: Engaging the total brain

EEG (Electroencephalograph)

Eyes Open

Eyes Closed

TM Practice

Cognitive Processes, 11(1), 21-30, 2010.

This chart shows the brain functioning of a non-meditating individual on the left, and the same individual 3 months later on the right, during practice of Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation program. On the left we see how our brains usually function, using only a tiny portion of our full mental potential. During practice of the TM program, the entire brain is engaged and functions in synchrony, in a coherent and integrated way. An individual experiences his/her full potential.

Yogic Flying: Bringing total brain functioning into activity

Yogic Flying is the program for you to make the most out of your TM practice.

It is designed to stabilize total brain functioning during activity. During Yogic Flying, one is active, and one maintains the state of total brain functioning at the same time.

During TM, the total brain functions, but one is in a restful state, outside activity.

But in the TM-Sidhi program, one begins to introduce activity, while the state of complete rest and peace gained during TM is maintained. That is why, as we see in the above chart, brain coherence — brain functioning becomes even more widespread during TM-Sidhi practice. It spreads even to the EEG frequencies related to activity. One learns to use one's full brain potential.

As we can see, coherence becomes maximum at the point when the body lifts up in the air in Yogic Flying. This is what gives the experience of bubbling bliss to the Yogic Flyer, and what enables the body to lift up in the air.

In this way Yogic Flying offers to society a direct way to allow anyone to enjoy maximum success, maximum moral maturity and emotional stability, maximum intelligence and learning ability, and to be free of neuroticism and anxiety.

What is the value of total brain functioning?

Everything good about the brain has been found to depend on its coherent functioning — on how much of the brain can be engaged in activity.

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International Journal of Neuroscience 13 (1981). 211-217.

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