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What is Missing from Modern Education?

What is missing from modern education is the knowledge of how to develop the full potential of the students: total brain functioning, for maximum success and fulfillment in life.

The modern educational system has certainly allowed mankind to achieve great progress in all areas of life: in the area of science, technology, health, and many more fields of life.

However, there is clearly something missing: the ability to develop the full potential of the students, so that all students of any educational institution become very successful in life, deeply fulfilled and happy, and enjoy great health.

What is missing from modern education is the ability to allow each student to use their full brain potential, their total brain, so they can take advantage of their full capabilities: their full intelligence, their full creativity, maximum emotional stability, and maximum moral maturity.

If a means was available to develop these dimensions of human life in education, then it is easy to imagine the powerful implications of its implimentation for the students’ lives: they would be more emotionally stable and they would have better relationships. Education and life would become more fulfilling, their academic performance would be improved, their work performance would be improved. They would grow to become exemplary citizens, with the highest moral maturity. Every area of their life would be maximally enriched — they would live their full potential in every area of life.

Developing total brain functioning

Science has advanced greatly today, greatly improving the quality of life of humanity. Today science has reached a very important point in its history by having discovered that there is a method, that can develop anyone’s full mental potential. We see clearly from this chat how one’s brain functioning is completely transformed through Transcendental Meditation practice. On the left we see what brain functioning usually looks like. We only use a very small fraction of our innate

Eyes Open

Eyes Closed

TM Practice

Cognitive Processes, 11(1), 21-30, 2010.

capabilities. As we see in the chart below, research has found that everything good about the brain — all dimensions of mental development — depend on how wholistically one’s brain functions.

All the above dimensions of human life have been found to improve through Transcendental Meditation and especially Yogic Flying.

Yogic Flying increases brain integration even more powerfully, allowing this experience of our full potential, reached through TM, to be maintained more and more during activity. During Yogic Flying, the tremendous brain integration experienced through TM is still there, but it is accompanied by activity. In Yogic Flying one acts from one’s full potential. As we see in the chart bellow, at the point of lift-off, all frequencies of the brain function coherently, which means that the entire brain potential is lively at the point of lift-off.


Today is a very precious time in the history of education because today there is a way to improve dimensions of human development that are otherwise known to not change after adolescence, such as intelligence, creativity, and psychological maturity. With Yogic Flying, these measures have been shown to improve.

What do the students say?

Increased IQ in University Students
through Yogic Flying

Personality and Individual differences 12 (1991)

Yogic Flying

A powerful means to prevent disease

Through Yogic Flying, education can offer students the ability to be maximally healthy, for maximum productivity and fulfillment in life.

So far education has not had a way to secure the health of the students to the remarkable extent that Yogic Flying does. When the total brain physiology becomes enlivened through Yogic Flying, one also experiences greatly enhanced physical health, because mind and body are intimately connected.

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American Journal of Cardiology 95 (2005), 1060-1064.
International Journal of Neuroscience (16: 53–58, 1982).

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Health Benefits Health Benefits Students creating a bright future for the world

Scientific research has shown that group practice of Yogic Flying dramatically improves quality of life in the surrounding society.

Scientific findings include reduced crime, terrorism, warfare, sickness and accident rates, as well as improved economy and other measures of quality of life.

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Social Indicators Research 1999 47(2):153-201.

These scientific findings show that, through group Yogic Flying, education can become a means to create a remarkably high level of quality of life in society. Students can become lighthouses of peace and prosperity for the world, while receiving an education that develops their full potential.

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At Maharishi University of Management, many students and faculty practice Yogic Flying.

Here are two valedictorian addresses from Yogic Flying students:

“The past four years have been the best years of my life. And when someone finds out that
I’m from the beautiful
beaches of Australia,
they often ask: “So, you must miss your home and going surfing every day!” I reply “No, because I’ve been given a gift to surf a much bigger ocean, which is my universal home, in my own unbounded Self [the Unified Field of Natural Law].”

Increased Intelligence, Creativity, Moral Reasoning

International Journal of Neuroscience 13 (1981). 211-217.

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Journal of Moral Education 12 (1983), 166-173

Proceeedings of the International Symposium of Moral Education (Friburg, Swtzerland), Sept. 3, 1982.

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