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Benefits for the Surrounding Society: A means to improve quality of life

Yogic Flying has been found to enable the entire brain to funtion, and to powerfully benefit all areas of life of the individual. However, what happens when groups of individuals access their full mental potential through group Yogic Flying?

Science has shown that they create a powerful, highly significant, measurable influence in the surrounding society, even for those who do not practice TM or Yogic Flying.

The tremendous coherence and integration in the brain functioning of the group of Yogic Flyers creates a protective influence for the whole surrounding society, which reduces crime, terrorism, warfare, sickness and accident rates, and improves economy and other measures of quality of life. Quality of life is improved, and darkness and negativity fade away. Scientists named this effect the Maharishi Effect, in honor of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who predicted it.

Now every nation can take advantage of this scientifically-tested technology for the creation of ideal life through groups of Yogic Flyers.

“This has been the quest, the search, of all the wise throughout the ages: something for everyone, so that no one gets into the channel of suffering in any way. No one suffers; no one is without perfect health. Administration, the government as a whole, will be prevention-oriented, problem free government. This is our proclamation today: every government to rise to invincibility.”

June 28, 2006

How large does the group of Yogic Flyers need to be?

This chart shows decrease in violent crime (homicides, rapes, and assaults) in Washington DC through group Yogic Flying in the summer of 1993.

As we see from this chart, the size of the group directly influences the size of the effect of improved quality of life. As the group becomes larger, negative tendences in society increasingly decrease.

Generally, it has been found that this effect is created in society when the size of the Yogic Flying group reaches at least the square root of one percent of a certain population.

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“The many replications of the Maharishi Effect on the city, state, national, and global scales in several different cultures, using a variety of major social indicators, controlling for many demographic variables, and utilizing conservative time series and causal analyses, provide more extensive evidence than has ever before been available in the social sciences that we now have in hand a truly effective means of achieving world peace.”

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Social Indicators Research 1999 47(2):153-201.

What is the scientific evidence?

In this chart we see the reduction of war deaths in Lebanon in 1983, during a two-month assembly of Yogic Flyers, which took place at the peak of the Lebanon war, in the neighboring Israel.

In the chart we see the fluctuations in the numbers of Yogic Flyers attending the group practice, and the fluctuations in a composite index of quality of life in the area, which included war deaths, war injuries, and progress towards Peace in Lebanon, and also crime, traffic accidents, fires, the stock market, and other indicators of quality of life in Israel.

In the chart we see that when the number of Yogic

Nearly 50 scientific studies conducted over the past 25 years verify the validity of this unique approach to creating peace and reducing crime, war deaths, and improving many aspects of quality of life in society, by enlivening the Unified Field of Natural Law, through Transcendental Meditation and group Yogic Flying.

 Journal of Conflict Resolution, 32(4), 776–812.

Flyers increased, then quality of life increased in Israel, and war deaths decreased in Lebanon, and each time the number of Yogic Flyers decreased, the quality of life decreased, and there was a rise in warfare.

When these results were subject to mathematical analysis, the likelihood that these results occured simply due to chance was found to be less than 1 part in 10,000. This degree of certainty is extraordinary in the social sciences.

David Orme-Johnson,
Leading Researcher
in the Field of

Can group Yogic Flying Create Peace? John Hagelin, PhD, Kilby Award-Winning Quantum Physicist Examples of Scientific Studies

Over the next two and a quarter years, this experiment was repeated 7 different times by 7 different universities. And in every case, there was a very significant reduction in war and improved quality of life which was proportional to the size of the Yogic Flying group.

If all these different studies are considered together, the chances that this effect was simply due to change, and not due to the group Yogic Flying, was found to be less than one 1 in 10,000,000,000,000,000,000.

These results and results of many other studies on group Yogic Flying have established the Maharishi

Journal of Social Behavior and Personality, 2005, 17: 285-338

The likelihood that the result of the Washington study could be due to chance variation in crime rate was found to be less than 2 parts per billion.
Social Indicators Research 1999 47(2):153-201.)

Scientific Research

Effect as a scientifically tested and proven method to powerfully improve quality of life in society.

A Very Rigorously Established Phenomenon of Peace

Many studies on the Maharishi Effect have been published in leading scientific journals. These studies have utilized the most advanced and rigorous designs and methodologies to precicely measure the effect of Yogic Flying groups on standard measures of quality of life in cities, provinces, even entire nations and even the entire world.

These scientific studies have clearly demonstrated the power of group Yogic Flying to dramatically improve quality of life to a degree of certainty that is unprecedented in the social sciences, and even in the physical sciences. This makes the Maharishi Effect the most extensively validated and fully established phenomenon in the history of scientific research.

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"During the practice of Yogic Flying in a large group, I feel my body being connected with the fundamental bliss and intelligence that is the essence of life and administers all life. "During group Yogic Flying, I experience this influece of peace, bliss, and intelligence  that we are creating radiating out to society."

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