Commanding Gravity: The Physics of Flying

Mankind has developed several means to overcome gravity: airplanes, helicopters, and even space shuttles. These means of flying produce a very intense and brutal force that is opposite to the force of gravity, and they manage to take off through intense opposition and great expense of energy.

But, what happens when the body of a Yogic Flyer lifts off the ground and goes up in the air?

Even in the first stage of Yogic Flying, hopping, profound transformations occur in the mind and physiology of the practitioner, which enable greater alignment with the Laws of Nature, and therefore greater ability to command the Laws of Nature, for quick and easy fulfillment of his/her desires.

Yogic Flyers do something fundamentally different than spaceships, helicopters and airplanes. Instead of opposing gravity, they project a specific thought from the Unified Field of All the Laws of Nature, from where all laws, including gravitational laws, can be commanded.

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"Just as an order from the Prime Minister commands the total authority and resources of the nation for its implementation, similarly, any intention projected from the Unified Field of Natural Law can command the infinite organizing power of Natural Law for its immediate fulfilment."

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Quantum Gravity

It is easy to understand that, since Yogic Flyers are able to have an intention from the Unified Field, which is the source of the material world, they are able to accomplish that intention, because they have the support of the tremendous intelligence that creates and sustains the entire universe.

But, how can we understand in specific the command over gravity that Yogic Flyers develop?

The latest progress of modern science in undestanding the force of gravity has been made in the field of quantum physics. Quantum theory explains that gravity is formed at the point when the Unified Field begins to create the material world. This is the level on which space and time are beginning to be formed. At this level, according to quantum theory, space does not have a definite shape, but it has all possible shapes at the same time. This level where space contains all possible shapes is known as space-time foam.

How, then, is the definite shape of the material world formed?

It is formed through what quantum physics calls statistical averaging. All the innumerable shapes of space-time combine and average out to form space as we know it.

Kilby Award-winning Quantum Physicist Dr. John Hagelin explains this phenomenon in this way:

Imagine a shirt woven of fine red and white threads. With a magnifying glass, you can see the red and white threads criss-crossing each other. But from a few feet away the fine detail is lost. The shirt looks pink.

Likewise, the countless fluctuations that comprise the structure of space-time geometry at the quantum-mechanical level are lost when we view it from the “distance” of the classical level, a vastly greater time and distance scale. The fluctuations average out. What we see, then, is the most probable outcome of these countless microscopic events* — that is, our familiar, classical world.

Quantum Physics explains that gravity is the curvature of space. Therefore we can understand the quantum space-time foam as a level on which gravity points in all directions at the same time, since space has all possible shapes, all possible curvatures, on that level.

Therefore, by accessing the Unified Field with the specific intention to change the pull of gravity, as we do in Yogic Flying, we could change the statistical averaging of the fluctuations of the space-time foam and create a situation where the body is pulled upward, instead of downward.

This explains the tremendous exhilaration experienced by the Yogic Flyers when their bodies rise up in the air. The freedom from the downward gravitational pull, the ability to automatically fulfill one’s desire to fly, and the ability to enliven the all-powerful intelligence of the Unified Field in one’s whole body to enable it to rise up in the air, create an unparalleled experience of intense bliss bubbling bliss for the individual, even in the first stage of Yogic Flying.

Dr. Hagelin expresses how Yogic Flying demonstrates the ability of the mind to function from the Unified Field:

Yogic Flying, fully developed, demonstrates mastery over the gravitational force. And you can’t master gravity without transcending the classical laws, without accessing the level of quantum gravity, which is the level of the Unified Field itself.

Because gravity originates at such a deep level of Nature, Yogic Flying could be possible only if the human mind can function from the level of the Unified Field itself. Thus a demonstration of Yogic Flying, especially the second and third stages of flying [hovering and flying unrestrictedly], would confirm the human nervous system’s ability to function coherently at the level of the Unified Field. It would demonstrate that the human brain physiology is so developed in its structure that it can experience and stimulate the Unified Field.

Therefore, we see that the technology of Yogic Flying has tremendous implications for science, as well as life in the world. Dr. Hagelin gives a review of the progress of science so far in this way:

Modern science has become quite competent in applying the Laws of Nature it has discovered. We have developed sophisticated chemical technologies that operate at the molecular level, electronic technologies that operate at the electromagnetic level, nuclear technologies that operate at the atomic and nuclear levels. Now we have evidence for the most profound technology of all the technology of the Unified Field of Natural Law.

Knowing that in Yogic Flying the human mind accesses the Unified Field of Natural Law, the source of all life, we can explain the tremendous benefits it produces for all areas of life: such as increased intelligence, moral maturity, happiness, improved health for the individual, as well as improved quality of life in the surrounding society, when it is practiced in groups.

By enlivening the unified field in the intelligence of everyone, Yogic Flying provides a direct way for the development of the total human potential.


*The countless microscopic events Dr. Hagelin is referring to in this quotation are the numberless forms that space-time assumes at the level of the space-time foam.

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Quantum Physics has discovered that at the basis of the entire universe is a Unifed Field of All the Laws of Nature, from which the entire universe, and the laws of nature that govern the entire universe, are created. Quantum Physics has also discovered that this field constitutes the essence of everything in the entire universe.

This Unified Field can be directly accessed in an easy and effortless way through Transcendental Meditation. Through the TM technique, one contacts the source of all life — the all-powerful intelligence that is able to create and administer the whole universe. This explains the benefits of the TM program in all areas of life, verified by over 600 scientific studies.

“The practice of Yogic Flying provides a practical demonstration of the ability to project thought from the Unified Field of Natural Law, and develops the ability to act spontaneously in accord with Natural Law for the fulfilment of any desire.”

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

“Yogic Flying is fun! It makes me feel happy and giggly. Everything seems light and humorous. When I practice Yogic Flying with a group, mirth and waves of gentle laughter often bubble up among us all.

“Yogic Flying is profound. I feel my mind operating from its most powerful level, and the delicate activity of the practice is surrounded by infinite light, expansion, and silence. The most refined impulse of thought, floating in the field of the total potential of Natural Law, automatically results in my body becoming light and lifting upward, even though my mind is inwardly absorbed.

"Yogic Flying is practical. As I become used to operating from a quiet level, my thinking becomes more and more comprehensive. My vision seems clearer. My activity, based on thought supported by Natural Law, is more effortless and I don’t seem to run into many obstacles. I accomplish my desires easily. I feel harmonious with people around me and with my environment. I’m also happier more of the time.”

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