What is the TM-Sidhi program?

As scientific research has shown, during Transcendental Meditation practice, brain functioning becomes remarkably orderly, coherent, and integrated. During the TM-Sidhi program, this EEG coherence becomes even more widespread, with maximum coherence at the point when the body rises up in the air in Yogic Flying indicating use of the brain's total potential.

This coherent brain functioning carries over into daily life, bringing benefits in all areas of life — increased intelligence, creativity, happiness, emotional stability, moral maturity, learning ability and more. Everything good about the brain has been found to depend on its integrated functioning.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Benefits for the Individual Even the surrounding society benefits

When Yogic Flying is practiced in groups, it generates a powerful influence of coherence in the surounding population, which neutralizes stress and negativity in the whole society.

This results in: reduced crime, war deaths, sickness and accident rates, reduced inflation and unemploeyment, as well as improvement in economy. The degree of the effect produced has been shown to depend on the size of the Yogic Flying groups.

Yogic Flying groups have demonstrated the power of enlivening the brain's full potential — the power of total brain functioning.

Yogic Flying has been shown to be a reliable technology to improve the quality of life of any nation —and even to raise any nation to the level of ideal quality of life: invincibility, by utilizing the total brain potential of its citizens.

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The effectiveness of this approach to developing total brain functioning and powerfully improving quality of life has been confirmed by more than 600 scientific studies conducted at 250 universities and research institutes worldwide.

Yogic Flying promotes human evolution to unprecedented heights. It has been shown to be effective in resolving societal problems that have defied every other attempt at solution. Now every individual and every nation can take advantage of this technology to create peace, positivity, health and greater intelligence for themselves and their nation.

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John Hagelin, PhD Kilby Award-Winning Quantum Physicist

"Yogic Flying significantly improves brain functioning, simultaneously accelerating growth of intelligence, creativity, psychological maturitydimensions of human development previously believed not to change after adolescence. In the face of this research, our old, limited understanding of human potential crumbles."

"What is Yogic Flying?" — Maharishi on Larry King Live

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"My TM-Sidhi program provides a direct entry to the blossoming of the full creative genious of everyone."

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The TM-Sidhi program is natural and effortless, yet highly effective.