How Can the Body Lift Up?

As we can see in the chart above, Transcendental Meditation easily and effortlessly opens the awareness of anyone to the Unified Field of Natural Law, from which thought is most effective, as it utilizes the total potential of the laws of Nature.

Thought from that level of Nature is possible for anyone today through the TM-Sidhi program. Yogic Flying is created through softest thought, effortless thought from the level of the Unified Field. From that level, a mere intention to fly is enough for the body to rise up and move in the air.

Having lifted up in the air, what makes the Yogic Flyer come down? The Brain During Yogic Flying

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The long-standing habit of every organ and every cell of the physiology to function from a limited level of intelligence. This habit of the physiology limits the duration of the full infusion of the Unified Field into the body, and therefore limits the time the body can function from the unbounded intelligence of the Unified Field.

Dimitrios Karasis Student, Fairfield Iowa The Physics of Flying What does brain research show?

The phenomenon of Yogic Flying has been studied through measurement of brain functioning through EEG (electroencephalograph). It was found that, even though the time the body spends in the air is very brief in the first stage of Yogic Flying, at the moment of lift-off, there is very high coherence in all the frequencies of the brain. Such extremely highly coherent brain functioning has not been found to be systematically produced by any other activity.

This is a finding of historic significance in the world of science, as brain coherence has been associated with intelligence, creativity, moral reasoning, learning ability, emotional stability, decreased neuroticism, decreased anxiety and more. Everything good about the brain depends on its orderly functioning.

"The first time I experienced Yogic Flying fifteen years ago I felt like a helium baloon suddenly released into a bright sky. I've never felt such palpable lightness and bliss the kind of happiness that makes you laugh for no reason and find delight in everything. That buoyant joy has been part of my daily experience ever since, and it continues to bring endless amounts of creativity and beauty into my life."

Jennie Rothenberg Gritz, Magazine Editor, Washington, D.C.

"During Yogic Flying I experience unrestricted, limitless bliss not only in my mind, but also in my body in every cell of my body. Every molecule of my body becomes full of complete joy and intelligence. And I experience this fullness of bliss and intelligence radiating out to the environment. I find that, due to this twice-daily experience I can get things done faster and more successfully than ever. Life has become a joy on every level. It's so much easier for me to overcome challenges challenges seem more like a game, and they are easily overcome."

Unparalleled Implications for Health

Because the intention to fly is projected from the Unified Field, and because the entire body is included in the intention to fly, the intelligence of the Unified Field becomes fully enlivened in the entire human body, so that the body can rise up in the air.

This provides a basis for understanding all the unprecedented health benefits for mind and body that Yogic Flying provides. The full intelligence of the Unified Field is lively in the body during the lift-off, and, through regular practice, more and more of that intelligence is maintained throughout the day, bringing benefits in all areas of life.

Benefits for the Individual Benefits for Society

Maharishi on the
TM-Sidhi program.

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