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Benefits for the Individual: Unprecedented Results

Yogic Flying enables the entire brain to function — it enables anyone to develop one’s full potential. What is the result?

Jeremy Jones, Student, Maharishi University Of Management, Fairfield, Iowa.

“When I practice Yogic Flying, I experience lightness throughout mybody. This lightness creates happiness inside and I am blissful and energized. After flying, I feel I have recharged my body and mind, and every part of me is refreshed and revitalized.

“Since learning the TM-Sidhi program, I feel more on point in daily life. Things are easier to accomplish and I never get hung up on details. I have also realized that you choose everything in your life, so why not choose to live in bliss and happiness and enjoy every moment of your life?”

Increased intelligence, creativity, moral reasoning Dramatically improved physical health, and reversal of ageing Enlightenment: Permanent total brain functioning

Increased IQ
through Yogic Flying

Personality and Individual differences 12 (1991)

Yogic Flying

For the first time in the history of science, there is a way through which everyone can develop one’s intelligence, creativity, moral maturity, emotional stability and more.

American Journal of Cardiology 95 (2005), 1060-1064.
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Reversal of ageing, reduced hospital admissions for all categories of disease, and reduced hospital expenditures are some examples of the outsanding scientific findings about the health benefits of Yogic Flying.

By connecting the body with the Unified Field of Natural Law, and thereby enlivening the full potential of the body, Yogic Flying benefits all areas of health in the most powerful way.

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Maharishi: The Soft World of Transcendental Consciousness Beyond the Senses.

Yogic Flying has been found to powerfully benefit all areas of life, and to produce total brain functioning, giving anyone access to one’s full brain potential. However, this profound brain integration does not occur only during the practice, but, as scientific research shows, it becomes a permanent feature of one’s life, more and more so, as one continues to practice.

This enables one to live more and more of one’s full potential, which is the ability to enjoy the experience the Unified Field — the experience of unconditional bliss — permanently, 24 hours a day.

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