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"I have been practicing Yogic Flying since 1978. When I first learned the technique and began to feel the impulse to hop, I noticed afterward that my whole body and mind felt different, like it had been washed over and cleansed with bliss. After a session of Yogic Flying, I felt transformed as if I had left something old behind. My mind and body were refreshed and rejuvenated to a degree where everything looked new, positive, and promising.

After many years of practicing, the cumulative effect of my Yogic Flying is that thinking and accomplishing my personal goals is effortless. I enjoy the deep connection to everything around me that inspires my vision and ability to lead and give to everyone around me."

Increased intelligence, creativity, moral reasoning, and more

Increased IQ
through Yogic Flying

Personality and Individual differences 12 (1991)

Yogic Flying

Scientific research has shown that everything good about the brain depends on its orderly functioning. Yogic Flying, by providing total brain functioning — fully orderly brain functioning — develops one’s full potential, improving intelligence, psychological maturity, interpersonal warmth — dimensions of human development which have not been found to increase to such an extent with any other method.

In the light of these unprecedented findings, Yogic Flying appears to be a reliable, scientifically verified means to create ideal citizens, and on that basis, a very high level of quality of life in society.

Increased intelligence

"The moment my body lifted up the first time, it broke every boundary of limitation for me. I realized that if this is possible, then anything and everything is possible, exactly as Maharishi says. The result is, in my daily life, it's as if I have the wind at my back with every task I undertake. Activities follow the straightest course to success, and obstacles hardly exist. On a deeper level, Yogic Flying gives me such a feeling of fullness that deep feeling called bliss that never fades."

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The Origin of True Genious

International Journal of Neuroscience 13 (1981). 211-217.

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The Chart is from "The Complete Book of Yogic Flying", Craig Pearson, PhD.

Journal of Moral Education 12 (1983), 166-173

Proceeedings of the International Symposium of Moral Education (Friburg, Swtzerland), Sept. 3, 1982.

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