The Foundation of Yogic Flying

The foundation for the TM-Sidhi program and Yogic Flying is the Transcendental Meditation technique.

The TM program allows the mind to settle down and experience its most silent level, the Unified Field of All the Laws of Nature, a field of unbounded creativity and intelligence. This experience, as one would expect, creates total brain functioning — one's total brain potential is enlivened, in addition to the profound benefits for health that are gainied through this experience.

How does the TM-Sidhi program work?

The TM-Sidhi program is an advanced aspect of Trascendental Meditation. It trains the mind to think and act from the state of total brain functioning gained through Trascendental Meditation.

It trains the mind to think and act from the Unified Field of Natural Law, the Home of all the Laws of Nature, which, as quantum physics has revealed, is the level from where all of Nature is administered.

By learning to think and act from that level, which always maintains the order and balance of the entire universe, one learns to always be able to fulfill one's desires, and to be able to spontaneously act in accordance with Natural Law — always in an evolutionary and beneficial way for oneself and one's environment.

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David Lynch, PhD Award Winning Film Director

"Maharishi has a famous phrase: Water the root to enjoy the fruit. This means getting nourishment from the most basic level, and automatically the whole tree blossoms. It means enlivening Unity, enlivening the Unified Field. That's where the power is. It's all positive, and if you can enliven it, then all negativity dissapears. Water the root to enjoy the fruit — this is the key to individual supreme Enlightenment and the key to peace on Earth."

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Yogic Flying is the most powerful aspect of the TM-Sidhi program. It is a phenomenon created through successful thought from the Unified Field of Natural Law.

Yogic Flying demonstrates that the human mind is capable of thinking from the Unified Field, the Home of all the Laws of Nature. After the mind settles down and experiences its most silent level, the level of total brain functioning, one introduces the mental formula for Yogic Flying, which contains the desire for the body to rise up in the air. Once that formula is introduced from the Home of All the Laws of Nature, it is instantaneously fulfilled through the intelligence of the Unified Field, the intelligence that is able to administer the entire universe, and the body lifts up in the air.

Even the first stage of Yogic Flying, in which the body lifts up and moves forward in a series of short hops, gives the experience of bubbling bliss to the individual, and creates positivity, health, and harmony in the environment.

What is Yogic Flying? The Physics of Flying

"During Yogic Flying you connect to the eternal source of your own power. Each time you practice Yogic Flying, you are building the foundation of your invincibility. Just as your house shelters you from the elements, this 'house of invincibility' protects you from all negative influences in the world. Yogic Flying is thus the technique for developing individual freedom, and freedom is the only basis for experiencing a life of joy."

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi derived the TM-Sidhi program, including Yogic Flying, from the ancient Vedic literature, and in specific from Maharishi Patanjali’s treatise of Yoga known as the Yoga Sutras.

The Origin of Yogic Flying

This total brain functioning is the basis for the TM-Sidhi program, including Yogic Flying. The TM-Sidhi program accelerates the benefits of Transcendental Meditation, and enables this state of deep rest, peace, and increased intelligence gained during Transcendental Meditation to be integrated into one's activity in a significantly faster way.

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