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“When you’re a kid, the best thing in the world is to go to the playground and swing on the swings — you feel complete freedom. You’re swinging in the air, and you feel that all boundaries are completely broken and you are defying gravity and it’s wonderful.

“With Yogic Flying, you feel the same thing — but you have no prop. It’s just you and you are soaring in the air. After practicing Yogic Flying, it seems that everything around me is just completely enhanced. The colors and sounds are much more vivid, like after a rain storm — everything appears to be sparkling fresh and new.”

Reversal of ageing through Yogic Flying

Creativity, learning ability, reaction time, and other factors that deteriorate with age are found to improve in those practicing TM and Yogic Flying.

This unprecedented finding shows the power of Yogic Flying to transform lives: the power of this technology to allow anyone to be happier, more fulfilled and more successful, by reversing the process of ageing.

Younger Biological Age through Yogic Flying

American Journal of Cardiology 95 (2005), 1060-1064.
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The experience of contact with the Unified Field of Natural Law, and in particular the experience of lifting up in the air in Yogic Flying the experience of total brain functioning profoundly rejuvenates one’s entire being, one’s entire mind and body. This rejuvenation is so profound that it even has measurable effects on the body.

In this chart we see that the longer individuals practice Yogic Flying, the more profound the reversal of ageing becomes.

Reduced Hospital Admissions for All Categories of Disease

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In this chart, the Maharishi Ayurveda  (MAV) group consisted of faculty and staff members of Maharishi University of Management. The MAV group practiced Yogic Flying, had extensive physiological purification  program (Panchakarma) two or more times a year, took herbal dietary supplements and had other special herbs and treatments for their particular conditions, as well as daily routine specific to the season and the individual’s health needs.

The overall reduction in hospitalization was found to be 80%.

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This dramatic reduction in hospitalization results in a dramatic decrease of hospital expenditures.

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In this chart we see that even TM by itself has been shown to decrease hospital admissions, but with Yogic Flying and other modalities of Maharishi Ayurveda, the reduction is much greater.

In this way, TM and Yogic Flying have been shown to help prevent the incidence of disease in a very powerful and effective way.

Reduced disease rate for the surrounding society

Yogic Flying, when practiced in groups, has been found to decrease the rate of infectious diseases and even infant mortality rate in the entire society surrounding a group of Yogic Flyers. Yogic Flying in groups has been found to improve many measures of quality of life in the surrounding society. The size of the effect produced has been found to be correlated with the size of the group of Yogic Flyers.

Benefits for the Surrounding Society

Maharishi on the
TM-Sidhi program.

“Perfect mind-body coordination means that the mind obeys the body and the body obeys the mind. Both act in perfect harmony, which is beneficial to the whole system and extends far beyond into the unbounded universe. The individual enjoys perfect health and begins to radiate an influence which grows into perfect health for the community.”

“Since I started Yogic Flying, my life has been very smooth. My thinking has become clearer, my physiology stronger, and my desires more easily fulfilled in a gradually expanding process.

“During my Yogic Flying program,  I experience increased clarity, inner silence, energy, exhilaration. Since I started yogic Flying, I no longer feel that I’m aging or that my body is decaying. During Yogic Flying the body gets enlivened through consciousness, and in this way, the mind and body become intimately coordinated.

“Yogic Flying is so profound that I sometimes wonder how people go through the day without it.”

Short term
Yogic Flyers

Long term
Yogic Flyers

International Journal of Neuroscience 16: 53–58, 1982

Younger Biological Age
Through Yogic Flying




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