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Enlightenment: Living your full potential

How are all the benefits of Yogic Flying for all areas of individual life, as well as for the surrounding society possible?

Yogic Flying enlivens what quantum physics terms the Unified Field — the source and basis of all life. By enlivening the source of life, which contains the intelligence to create and administer life, Yogic Flying restores life to its balanced state, which is a state of bliss, freedom, exhillaration, great intelligence, and health. This is why scientific research shows remarkable benefits in all these areas.

Twice-daily contact with the Unified Field brings all these unprecedented benefits, because the Unified Field is enlivened more and more in the mind and body.

However, through regular practice, there comes a point when the Unified Field — the source and essenece of all life, the state of unbounded bliss, bubbling bliss — becomes permanently established in one's awareness. The tremendous brain integration experienced in Yogic Flying begins to be lived permanently. This is the state of Enlightenment — the state of living one's full potential, the state of life in which one's desires are supported by all the Laws of Nature, and are fulfilled easily, and, at the same time, all of one's desires, stemming from the Unified Field itself, are always spontaneously evolutionary for everyone and everything.

The scientifically documented benefits of Yogic Flying for the individual and for the well-being of society definately support this statement. But is there more specific evidence of the integration of the experience of the Unified Field with one's daily experiences in the world?

What does brain integration mean?

"The unbounded experience of Transcendental Consciousness awakens all the areas of the brain. And the practice morning and evening gives the brain physiology habituation to think from this unbounded level, which is total Natural Law."


"The Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi programs for me are the essential tools with which to practice the art of living. These profoundly simple techniques have opened my heart and mind to the source of life within and integrated its dynamic silence with the demands of a busy life. Yogic Flying in particular has accelerated the process, providing regular, immediate, and concrete evidence of this integration.

"Every day, whether I am with my family, practicing law, composing music, or whatever, I feel wholeness pervading my life. This has been called the art of living. The 'art' is the ability to live the fullness of life (spiritual and material) without effort, which is, of course, the only way it can be done."

Science demonstrates the grown of Enlightenment

In this chart we see the tremendous growth of brain integration, the great progress in using one's full brain potential that is made through Yogic Flying. In the right column of this chart, we see the brain integration of Yogic Flyers reporting the permanent experience of the Unified Field.

This chart provides an example of the tremendous brain integration that takes place through Yogic Flying — not only during the practice, but also in activity.

This discovery of increased brain coherence through Yogic Flying is truly remarkable because brain coherence has been associated with every aspect of mental health, as we see in this chart.

This means that Yogic Flying leads to very high levels of mental health, and when brain integration becomes very high in activity, one enjoys supreme mental health: life in supreme bliss, supreme intelligence, as well as supreme emotional maturity and moral reasoning.

Never before has humanity had a direct way to improve brain integration to such an extend as to completely transform quality of life, and raise life to Enlightenment: permanent unbounded bliss, the full potential of life.

In addition to these findings, science has also discovered that through TM and Yogic Flying, the incidence of all categories of disease is decreased. So Yogic Flying enables one to achieve very high levels of physical health as well.

What is Enlightenment?

From the scientific findings discussed above, and from the reports of Yogic Flyers experiencing the permanent integration of the Unified Field with their day-to-day life, we have a very clear understanding of what Enlightenment is. it is the fullness of life: supreme mental and physical health.

Maharishi, who revived the practice of Yogic Flying in the world, enabling anyone to grow fast towards Enlightenment, explains the state of unbounded bliss, the state of Enlightenment, in this way:

"This state has ben the object of a great quest for man from time immemorial because it glorifies all aspects of one's life. The material life of man is brightened by the light of the inner self. That is why the emphasis of all the scriptures of religions and of the whole field of metaphysics is that the state of self realization* or God realization is the goal of man. Because, on the way to achieving this goal, the world is made better, efficiency improves, and the man becomes more capable in the world. He enjoys the world more on all levels while enjoying the divine. The individual enjoys the world to the maximum because the nature of his mind is now bliss consciousness, and the bliss consciousness is the basis of all experience and activity. This is the state of a God realized man. This is the state of a man successful in the world. These go hand in hand. Success of the divine quest brings the height of success in the world in a most natural way and the individual life is fulfilled."


*Maharishi here refers to the state of Enlightenment as the state of "self realization", because, by attaining this state of extremely high brain coherence, one experiences the true reality of life — the full value of life, known in quantum physics as the Unified Field of all the Laws of Nature. In this enlightened, fully awakened state, one's perception of oneself has competely expanded to include, not only one's body or one's thoughts, but the entire nature of reality, the source of existence, the full value of life — the Unified Field. This is why Maharishi refers to Enlightenment as "self realization".

Entire contents copyright © 2016 Global Country of World Peace (Ministry of Defense) Almost all pictures of Yogic Flying on this website were taken from Dr. Craig Pearson’s The Complete Book of Yogic Flying. Legal - Yogic Flying® program Higher States of Consciousness: The Stages of Enlightenment

Maharishi has brought to light that there are different stages of Enlightenment, different steps on the way to the full integration of the bliss of the Unified Field into one's daily life. These stages have been described throughout history by great writers, great philosophers, and great saints of all traditions,* and they are very clearly defined in the Vedic tradition, from which Maharishi comes from, in this way:

Waking, Dreaming, Sleeping: In order to understand the higher states of consciousness, let us first review our three familiar states of conscousness: waking, dreaming, and sleeping.

Transcendental Consciousness: The first step to Enlightenment is the state of Transcendental Consciousness, in which the mind settles down and goes beyond thought to experience its own nature, the fundamental nature of life, which is pure, eternal bliss and peace. This state is gained in a simple, natural, and effortless way through Transcendental Meditation, and enriches all aspects of life, as scientific research has shown.

Cosmic Consciousness: When Transcendental Consciousness is experienced regularly, and especialy when it is powerfully enlivened through the TM-Sidhi program and Yogic Flying, then the mind becomes gradually accustommed to the total brain coherence of Transcendental Consciousness and gradually begins to be able to maintain it throughout daily life. When the state of Transcendental Consciousness is maintained, then one lives Cosmic Consciousness, in which one lives in bliss 24-hours a day, and one's thoughts and actions are supported by all the laws of nature, and are, therefore, easily fulfilled, and always evolutionary and life-supporting for oneself and the environment.

Refined Cosmic Consciousness, or God Consciousness: In Cosmic Consciousness one attains the highest level of inner development: the permanent experience of unbounded bliss, the essence of life, the Unified Field. However, there is room for development in terms of the perception of the outer world. After Cosmic Consciousness is attained, the perception of the outer world begins to be refined gradually, until one perceives the finest level of creation in all things, in a permanent way. This finest level is a level of supreme beauty, supreme brightness. Due to this perception of the tremendous beauty of the natural world, there is an enormous outpouring of love for everyone and everything. This is the ecstatic level of God Consciousness, in which the bliss, intelligence, creativity, and health of Cosmic Consciousness are brought to a higher level.

Unity Consciousness: After God Consciousness is attained, one's perception is refined even more, until one perceives not only the finest level of creation, but the very essence, the source of creation, in everything, at all times. One perceives the very unbounded bliss of the Unified Field in all objects of perception. Since Cosmic Consciousness, the Unified Field is an inner experience — one has identified oneself with the eternal unbounded bliss and intelligence of the Unified Field. However, in Unity Consciousness, the Unified Field is not only an inner reality, but it is found spontaneously in all objects of perception. All of life becomes one unbounded ocean of unlimited fulfillment and intelligence, while one of course continues to perceive the surface values that distinguish one object from another. This state of absolute mental alertness, supreme intelligence and complete physical health is the state of Unity Consciousness, the ultimate level of human development.


*For examples of descriptions of higher states of consciousness from all cultures, please see The Supreme Awakening: Experiences of Enlightenment Throughout Time and How You Can Cultivate Them, by Craig Pearson, PhD.

Productivity, Health and Enlightenment

All the unparalleled benefits of Yogic Flying for all areas of life unfold in the process of developing higher states of consciousness, or, in other words, in the process of using more and more of one's brain physiology, as one becomes more and more accustommed to the experience of total brain functioning attained in a natural and effortless way during Yogic Flying. This means that the development of higher states of consciousness inevitably brings greater intelligence, creativity, health, emotional and moral maturity and more — and so productivity and efficiency in life naturally increase as a by-product of the development of the experience of unconditional bliss and infinite peace — the experience of the source and essence of life: the Unified Field.

Increased IQ
through Yogic Flying

Personality and Individual differences 12 (1991)

Yogic Flying

Benefits for the Individual Benefits for the Individual Scientific Research Scientific Research

"Yogic Flying is practical! As I become used to operating from a quiet level, my thinking becomes more and more comprehensive. My vision seems clearer. My activity, based on thought supported by Natural Law, is more effortless and I don't seem to run into many obstacles. I accomplish my desires easily."

Benefits for the Individual

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International Journal of Neuroscience 13 (1981). 211-217.

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