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Who practices Yogic Flying?

People from all walks of life practice Yogic Flying: Doctors, lawyers, professors, students, artists, businessmen, etc. People find that Yogic Flying enriches their lives in every way: it helps them experience great happiness, bliss and fulfillment, to be healthy, to excell in their profession,  and to achieve their goals in life.

“Working in an operations environment supporting global markets, I find that the ability to maintain silence in the midst of dynamic activity and global market cut-offs is a critical skill that a manager needs. This skill I’ve mastered, and I attrivute it to my practice of the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi programs.

“Resilience is another quality that continues to grow with my daily practice. Many of my colleagues have made such comments as, ‘I don’t know how you do it’ and ‘I don’t want your job’ due to the intensity level associated with my position.

“Most days I wear a genuine smile and stroll into the office with expanded bliss. Many nights, as I exit the office on the way to the parking lot, my energy level is almost the same as when I walked through the door in the morning. I immediately become aware of this and smile with a knowingness.

“Finally, my days are dotted with frequent coincidences — when I think of a colleague or client and begin to work on a deliverable or a request and immediately my phone rings and it’s the very person I need at that moment to provide the information I need to complete the task or receive the information I’ve prepared.”

Jannette Gordon,
Vice President,
Global Transaction
Securities Services,
Tampa, Florida

Does it involve any set of beliefs?

No. Yogic Flying is not a philosophy, religion, or belief system, and it does not require any change of beliefs or lifestyle. It is just a simple mental technique that allows anyone to take advantage of one’s full mental potential. People from all religions practice Yogic Flying and they find that it powerfully supports and enriches their religious life.

Entire contents copyright © 2016 Global Country of World Peace (Ministry of Defense) Almost all pictures of Yogic Flying on this website were taken from Dr. Craig Pearson’s The Complete Book of Yogic Flying. Legal - Yogic Flying® program Can Anyone Learn It?

Yes. Anyone can learn the TM-Sidhi program, including Yogic Flying. It is a simple, natural and effortless technique that trains the mind and body to function from their full potential.

The program is particularly suited to a busy, modern, western lifestyle. In fact, the busier we become, the more important it is that we take time to develop our full mental mental potential, so that we can accomplish more, and avoid the great fatigue that usually comes with a busy lifestyle.

Does it involve effort? Is it hard to practice?

No. The TM-Sidhi program, including Yogic Flying, is a completely natural and effortless program. It does not involve any effort, concentration or mind control. Its complete naturalness and effortlessness is the source of its many remarkable benefits in all areas of life.


You will find testimonials on the benefits of Yogic Flying throughout this website. Here are a few examples of how it enriches people’s personal and professional lives:

"Working in a fast-paced corporate environment leaves little time for rest and can be exhausting. The Transcendental Meditation technique gives my mind the chance to rejuvenate itself so my activity can be efficient, productive, and fulfilling.

“I derive even more benefit from Yogic Flying. Yogic Flying cultivates an even greater quality of successful action — being able to act from a level where my mind is most silent and expanded and my brain is most coherent. This technique is natural and simple and yet the results are noticeable and cumulative. Being able to recharge on a daily basis and improve my efficiency in action gives me a competitive edge in the workforce and allows me to stay focused on my goals at hand."

“When I practice Yogic Flying, I experience lightness throughout my body. This lightness creates happiness inside and I am blissful and energized. After flying, I feel I have recharged my body and mind, and every part of me is refreshed and revitalized.

“Since learning the TM-Sidhi program, I feel more on point in daily life. Things are easier to accomplish and I never get hung up on details. I have also realized that you choose everything in your life, so why not choose to live in bliss and happiness and enjoy every moment of your life?”

Heather Hartnett,
and CEO,
Human Ventures,
New York

Jeremy Jones,
Highschool Teacher,
Maharishi School of the
Age of Enlightenment,
Fairfield, Iowa

Hillary Swanson,
9th Grade Physics and Mathematics Teacher,
High Tech High International,
San Diego California

“As a teacher I feel so fortunate to have this technique. Every day is a joy. I have an infinite reservoir of patience. Nothing that comes up during the day can shake my foundation of peace and bliss. As a result I can always interact with my students in the most uplifting way, giving every one of them my most nourishing quality of attention.”

What Yogic Flying Adds to a Company

Laurie Neil Sluser,
President and Chief Operating Officer,
The Donatech Corporation,
Fairfield, Iowa

“As general manager of a technical services staffing firm, I consider staff development to be critical to our growth and success. I’m always looking for programs that can develop skills and qualities in our employees.

“A number of our people are Yogic Flyers. I’ve noticed significant growth in their personal and professional lives. I see benefits in three areas.

“First is increased clarity in their thinking. At meetings they tend to contribute in a more creative, positive, and harmonious way. They add to the success of the team while maintaining their competitive spirit. This has been a great asset for our group.

“Second is enhanced communication skills. Their telephone manner, speaking skills, and ability to present concepts and proposals have grown. They maintain a confident, professional, friendly attitude.

Finally, they accomplish more and more in their work while seemingly expending less effort and energy. They do not break under the pressures of their job. Their productivity and effectiveness have grown considerably.

“I look forward to still greater results from these valued members of our team as they continue with the TM-Sidhi program, including Yogic Flying.”

More Testimonials

Margarett Mitchell, M.D.
New York City

“The main effect of Yogic Flying in my daily life is integration — pulling together the wholeness of all the components of my life. A sense of connectedness with everything around me pervades my whole life. In the frenzy of being a doctor and mother, I maintain that sense of connectedness, even in the frenzy.

“I also have far more insight into people. Yogic Flying helps develop a knowingness that helps me reach people better. People instinctively know your heart is there. They trust you and listen to what you say.

“During Yogic Flying I experience profound silence and happiness, waves of energy, the opening of my heart. It makes me fresh and clear. It gives me an incredible amount of energy so I can just keep going. This is important because, besides taking care of my mother and my family, I have to travel to several different hospitals every day. I don’t see how I could do all of these things without the energy that Yogic Flying gives me.”

Jennifer Meyer, PhD.,
Senior Strategy Consultant,
Menlo Partk, California

“Through several years of a demanding professional career, I have maintained focus and balance with the practice of the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi program, including — and especially — Yogic Flying. Recently I had the opportunity to meditate and fly with a large group for the first time (in the Golden Dome in Fairfield), and I was amazed by the effect. More good things happened to me in that one week than ever before! I am now drawn to practice in a group whenever I can, riding the waves of bliss to the next great opportunity that Nature provides.”

Peter Beach, Attorney, Mill Valey, California

"The Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi programs for me are the essential tools with which to practice the art of living. These profoundly simple techniques have opened my heart and mind to the source of life within and integrated its dynamic silence with the demands of a busy life. Yogic Flying in particular has accelerated the process, providing regular, immediate, and concrete evidence of this integration.

"Every day, whether I am with my family, practicing law, composing music, or whatever, I feel wholeness pervading my life. This has been called the art of living. The 'art' is the ability to live the fullness of life (spiritual and material) without effort, which is, of course, the only way it can be done."

Now is the time to enliven a great global effect of coherence Maharishi

“My experiences during Yogic Flying include great freedom, clarity, energy, happiness, comfort, and bigness. Time and space often seep to dissolve and my body is experienced as streams of light, energy and bliss. My awareness is huge and completely at home in itself. As I sit in the deep wholeness, there is a great upward energy, a soaring sensation, the wholeness moves, and I take off.

“The whole thing is just so compelling. It is clear that this is what life is meant to be about, that I am glimpsing the true status and goal of human life, and that human life and society should be organized so that everyone can experience this.

“At the same time it is puzzling: How did life get in such a muddle, how did the true nature of things get so obscured? If such experiences are possible and available to everybody (after all, I am nothing special, all I have done is to practice the techniques Maharishi has taught to thousands), all this confusion, suffering, and especially hatred makes absolutely no sense at all. Even the smallest glimpse of our own true nature compels us to seek increased harmony and bliss in ourselves and in the world.”

Phil Boyland, PhD.
Associate Professor
of Mathematics,
University of Florida,
Gainesville, Florida

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